Lung and Chest Vibration

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Lung and Chest Vibration

Postby bachjr » Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:57 am

The Portex Acapella Duet Kit is a flutter valve that requires one to take very deep breaths to vibrate the airway and help bring up stuff from deep in the lungs. It is useless for JD because she cannot take very deep breaths.

The Vest is useful for people with airways disease like with cystic fibrosis, whose airway “hairs” cannot move sputum out from deep in the lungs.

It cannot help you cough, which is the problem. In theory, it is useless for children with normal deep airways like her, but it may be helpful when people are ill and their airways are overloaded. There is no evidence for this though. The big problem is coughing. Chest vibration is not the answer for that.

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