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Postby catdiamond » Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:34 pm

I have talked to you before about our son's swallowing. Our son who has Duchenne and is 42 years old and has a stomach feeding tube is having a hard time even swallowing liquids . A swallowing test about a week ago showed his swallowing muscles very week. You suggested awhile ago to up the breath rate on his vent. During the day is on the sip and puff with a trilogy 200 vent at 1080 ml. TV, active circuit with 0 breaths rate. He takes a breath when needed. At night he is on a nasal mask with a Newport 1070 vent at 1080 ml. TV, active circuit with 10 BPM. He is wondering how upping the breath rate my help is swallowing, and should he try with or without a nasal mask. We use the Cough Assist when needed.

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Re: Swallowing

Postby lousaporito » Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:44 pm

Hi Chuck, I usually recommend increasing the vent rate during a meal so that the user doesn't have to wait long for the vent to deliver a breath after chewing and swallowing then " catching his breath " when going back to the mouthpiece. Also hyperventilation at the higher rate can allow for longer periods of chewing before needing a breath. So none of this makes swallowing any stronger it just allows more time to manage food and liquids and assume you're getting advice from a Dr and speech therapist regarding control of aspiration
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